Welcome to ESCA

ESCA – the European Small Volume Car Manufacturers Alliance – is a pan-European association comprising independent small volume car manufacturers (SVMs) based in the EU. Small volume manufacturers are those that manufacture fewer than 10 000 new cars (registered in the EU) per annum. The members of ESCA are key contributors to the European automotive industry, in terms of technology, innovation, employment and diversity.

Europe leads the world in small volume motor manufacturing and ESCA member companies include iconic, innovative brands, which are known across the globe.

We believe in the diversity of the automotive industry and in maintaining consumer choice. As small volume manufacturers we are committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of our vehicles and to create new innovations in order to remain competitive within the market place.

However, we consider it of utmost importance that legislation does not impose a significantly greater burden on models produced by SVMs than equivalent vehicles from larger manufacturers, thereby rendering our cars uncompetitive purely because of the size of our business. As small enterprises, we also contribute to employment.

For that reason, we believe that the voice of small volume manufacturers – who are highly innovative and frequently at the forefront of automotive technological development – should be heard in the legislative and policy process on issues which will directly affect them.

ESCA therefore endeavours to represent the voice of small volume car manufacturers constructively and creatively, to offer advice and to participate in all phases of policy and decision making in areas, which have a direct impact on small volume car manufacturers.

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Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ESCA Secretariat.